Discover what sets our platform apart from the rest.

No Time Wasted on Scheduling Viewings!
With Rooms and Pads you can scale your portfolio faster!

No more Bad Tenants!
Rooms and Pads carry out references on Tenants but also let other Landlords review them after the stay!

No Time Wasted on Taking Picture, Updating Availability, Messaging Prospect Tenants!
The Rooms and Pads’ Team will do everything for you based on your requests and needs!

At “Rooms and Pads,” we understand that landlords need a reliable and efficient way to manage their properties. That’s why we’ve designed our platform to offer unique features and services that set us apart from other online platforms. Here’s what makes us different:

1- Tenant reviews, not just references: Unlike other platforms, we provide reviews on tenants to give landlords a better understanding of their prospective renters. This helps ensure a mutually beneficial renting experience.

2- Letting Agent Service: Our dedicated agents actively work on letting rooms, conducting both in-person and virtual viewings, rather than just publishing listings on our platform like other services.

3- Virtual Assistant (VA) Service: Landlords don’t need to upload room listings themselves, saving them time and ensuring that no information is missed. Our VA service takes care of it all.

4- Legal Advisors and Fair Mediation Service: We understand that government regulations often protect tenants more than landlords. Our legal advisors and fair mediation service ensure that landlords have the protection and guidance they need throughout the whole rental process.

5- Scalability for Landlords and Agencies: Our services allow landlords and agencies to quickly delegate and scale their businesses, as we take care of letting their rooms for them.

6- No need for individual hires: With “Rooms and Pads,” landlords and agencies don’t need to hire individuals to manage their properties. Our flexible, no-obligation services can be cancelled anytime, allowing them to scale their business or portfolio quickly and efficiently.

7- Adaptable Services: We understand that every landlord has unique needs. That’s why we can tailor our services to meet the specific requirements of each landlord, ensuring a personalised and efficient experience.

Choose “Rooms and Pads” and discover the benefits of our unique platform for landlords, designed to make property management simpler, more secure, and more efficient.