Experience the difference with our unique
platform designed for tenants.

No more Scam!
Rooms and Pads will ensure you are happy with the property before paying the landlord.

No more Bad Landlords!
Rooms and Pads provides reviews provided on Landlords.

No more moving into a Property without knowing your future Flatmates!
Rooms and Pads provides information about every flatmate living in the property you want to move into.

At “Rooms and Pads,” we understand that finding the perfect rental property can be challenging. That’s why we’ve designed our platform with features and services tailored specifically to tenants, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience. Here’s what sets us apart from other rental platforms:

1- Letting Agent Service: Our dedicated agents work tirelessly to let rooms, conducting both in-person and virtual viewings. This means tenants can speak with a real person, rather than just booking a room on a cold website like other platforms.

2- Landlord References: We provide references on landlords! Tenants know what to expect from their potential landlord before committing to a rental agreement.

3- Information on other Flatmates: Unlike other platforms, we offer information about the other people living in the property before you move in, helping tenants make informed decisions about their living arrangements.

4- Sourcing Service: Our agents can search for rooms based on prospective tenants’ requests and needs, ensuring they find the perfect fit.

5- Safe and Secure Payments: We prioritise safety when it comes to making payments and booking rooms, ensuring everything is official and trustworthy.

6- Trusted Landlords: We work exclusively with reliable and reputable landlords, giving tenants peace of mind during their rental experience.

7- Additional Services: Tenants can book extra services such as bedsheets and pillows, transportation, legal advice, and more, making their move as seamless as possible.

Choose “Rooms and Pads” for your next rental property search, and experience the benefits of our unique platform designed to make finding and securing your perfect home a breeze.